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Savage Boohoos Impersonate Elites of World’s Only Remaining Superpower

Too numerous to cite individually.


The NY Times makes a funny about torture

Black comedy gold from the NY Times. “U.S. Engaged in Torture After 9/11, Review Concludes.

Gee! D’ya think? Certainly reporting on the report in itself is legitimate and mad props to the folks put together the report itself, but this bit really is fucking hilarious:

News organizations have wrestled with whether to label the brutal methods unequivocally as torture in the face of some government officials’ claims that they were not.

For you kids at home, that’s how the pros do it.

Here’s a trip down memory lane with regard to the Times “wrestling” with how to characterize “brutal methods.” (Hint: Turns out it’s torture when someone else does it. When we do it, not so much.) Stick to Real Estate Porn and Ivy League Aspirational Masturbation you half-witted wankers masquerading as the newspaper of record.

Fatuousness thy name is Politico

Try to beat this from Dylan Byers on the press and Boston.

It’s been more than 24 hours since the explosions in Boston. But while new details emerge by the hour, the question on so many people’s minds remains unanswered: Who did it?

We’re standing on the verge of a very important national conversation about something, and we have no idea what it is.

True, but 24 hours seems a lot longer in the dark. The prospect of another 24 — or 48, or 72, or 96 — is hardly welcome.

Word fail. I can only hope Richard Jewell gets a chance to piss on Byers in the afterlife. In the meantime a damning report on torture and the media’s complicity in not calling it what it was is ignored. Despicable and will be rightly judged unremittingly harshly by history.