My Media/Politics Book That Will Never Be Written

Main topics:

Intro — Chuck Todd “race to the bottom”, “NY Times, Whitewater Pilsbury lunacy “Clintons made vast profit”, L Jean Lewis joins the Pentagon in the midst of Iraq War scandals to silence from the press.

Overall trajectory of wankery 25+ years.

Whitewater, War on Gore, Iraq, torture, ACORN, Benghazi, 2016 Campaign.


Glenn Thrush/Maggie Haberman and the Susan Rice committted a crime Trump interview fiasco. Bulk is examination of NYT treatment of black women in (or aspiring to) government. Jocely Elders, Lani Guinier, etc.

Clinton Cash, NYT reporter tweets during/after 2016 campaign.

What did Mike Schmidt knwo and when did he know it.

Dean Baquet vs Jill Abramson

What to do when the passive voice of misogynistic white supremacy is that of a confused-looking doofus. (Drill down on Chuck Todd)

If you watch the Sunday shows you are huring America.

Whitewater- WSJ crazed craziness. Baleful effect of their deranged editorial. The “wall” between editorial and news is not preserved in reader’s minds.

2016 pre-preliminaries

Jon Karl

Trey Gowdy (Rachel Bade piece). HRC testimony.

High court of bigots (Supreme court)

The most effective racist in America (John “Dick” Roberts)

Bush v Gore

Shelby County

Sibelius (Medicaid expansion)

New asshats (Kavanaugh, Gorsuch)

 2 minute Hates:

Harriet Miers would have been much better SJC than Alito

“Ironic” pedants

I thought I had more …

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