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Antipodean Syzygies

[You might have thought that I would come back from Down Under with something of actual human interest to blog about.  You would be wrong  … well, at least for now. – JPS]

As an accomplished master of the obvious, let me point out that we live on a the surface of a sphere.  However, for most practical purposes we might as well live on a big flat world with a rectilinear North-South/East-West grid (and a big mongo Greenland to boot – you know, so we have more ice to raise the sea level with ….)  Very long distance travel is an exception, and especially so when it takes you close to the antipodes of your usual haunts. I just returned from Perth in Western Australia, which is the closest antipodal city to the Eastern U.S. *(I also got down even further south to the fabulous Augusta/Cape Leeuwin area at the extreme SW of Australia, which is even closer to being the anti-NE U.S.) It got me thinking about some of the interesting and somewhat counter-intuitive aspects of antipodes.  [Quick question (verbal and visual answers down below somewhere ) – If you go northwest from your current position, which way does your antipode go?  (assuming you are not at one of the poles.) ]

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