Come See the Wankery Inherent in the System

Watching Jake Tapper and the rest of the Beltway media pull their piteous “One of us! One of us!” act in the face of the White House calling out  FoxNews for being disingenuously partisan (Stop the presses!)  is the perfect capstone to fifteen-plus years of utter debasement for the national political media. I am not really interested in untangling all the structural reasons they would act this way, but some day– although it may be many, many years from now–the whole lot will be universally understood to be world-historical asses. Bosses, editors, pundits, reporters all. This gives me a modicum of comfort despite their active role in contributing to my overall mood of  late-empire fatalism. Never forget, “The judgment is harsher in Washington,” says The Post’s Broder. “We don’t like being lied to.”

Update: Despite my, “I am not really interested in untangling all the structural reasons they would act this way”, it did occur to me on reflection, that my stupid Python quote title actually does a good job of capturing my take on the current state of the media. On the one hand, I think the Manufacturing Consent propaganda model is essentially correct, but it is often applied in an almost cartoonish way, with evil Daddy Warbucks-type media owners being the only ones in the whole system with any agency.  It takes a whole confederacy of wankers to make the system work.


There’s a Light, Over at the GNF place

In the velvet darkness,
Of the blackest night,
Burning bright,
There’s a guiding star.
No matter what or who you are.

Brad & Janet:
There’s a light…

Over at the GNF place.

Brad & Janet:
There’s a light…

Burning up the human race.

Brad & Janet:
There’s a light, … light … in the darkness of everybody’s life.

All Right!

There’s a fine line between upbeat and satiric.

 Tangentially relevant mash-up.

Antipodean Syzygies

[You might have thought that I would come back from Down Under with something of actual human interest to blog about.  You would be wrong  … well, at least for now. – JPS]

As an accomplished master of the obvious, let me point out that we live on a the surface of a sphere.  However, for most practical purposes we might as well live on a big flat world with a rectilinear North-South/East-West grid (and a big mongo Greenland to boot – you know, so we have more ice to raise the sea level with ….)  Very long distance travel is an exception, and especially so when it takes you close to the antipodes of your usual haunts. I just returned from Perth in Western Australia, which is the closest antipodal city to the Eastern U.S. *(I also got down even further south to the fabulous Augusta/Cape Leeuwin area at the extreme SW of Australia, which is even closer to being the anti-NE U.S.) It got me thinking about some of the interesting and somewhat counter-intuitive aspects of antipodes.  [Quick question (verbal and visual answers down below somewhere ) – If you go northwest from your current position, which way does your antipode go?  (assuming you are not at one of the poles.) ]

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Teh Media is Da Bomb!

[Update 2/21: Any question as to why I included “Dean” Broder  in this parade of the wankers, can be dispelled by reading Glenn Greenwald’s two excellent recent posts on Broder and his role in propping up the administration. Here and especially here.]

Watching the piteous national political media at play in so many different fields of the Lord this past week (bloggers, planes, leaks, and my fave: Gosh, there was corruption early in the occupation of Iraq! Why weren’t we told?) brought to mind a somewhat tangential (but apocalyptic!) diary I had posted at DailyKos a few months back.

 The Four Postmen of the Apocalypse

First, after Grantland Rice ( the “Dean of American Sportswriters”, back when being the Dean meant having a clue.)

Outlined against the troubles of a nation, the Four Writers wrote again. In Internet lore they are known as arrogance, pomposity, cluelessness and idiocy. These are only aliases. Their real names are: Broder, Woodward, Howell and Hiatt. They formed the crest of the cyclone before which the reputation of the Washington Post was swept over the precipice these past ten years as a million readers peered at the bewildering panorama spread out on their breakfast tables and computer screens.

And thence on to more Ancient Sources

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A Paler Shade of Fire

[Update: hmmm… something does not quite look with this picture….What could it possibly be?

.FNG a ni demusnoc kcurt a yb revo nur saw enoyreve ylnedduS


***BREAKING*** *** Web Only Exclusive*** ***BREAKING***

By KIRBY ALTHOUSE, Associated Press Writer

PALO ALTO – Cyber-researchers at the Hoover Institution on Massively Redundant Sucking and Blowing confirmed the discovery of an Internet White Hole in a rarely visited corner of the blogosphere. Long postulated, but never previously observed, researchers traced the source of the White Hole via Internet tubes to a much more significant Internet Black Hole that had developed several weeks prior (see comment #287 here.)

Experts puzzled over the interesting transformations that the content being emitted from the White Hole had undergone. While certain images and in-jokes were unchanged, other content was not: danger had become harmlessness; hockey, golf; French, American; and 2001: A Space Odyssey emerged as Star Wars. Other key elements and content appeared to be missing altogether. A pair of shoes was found as well.

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Is There Anybody Out There?

[More from the archives on the 40th anniversary of a pioneering event in blogging.] 

Dang! Just checked Sitemeter, and so far no one else has read this humble blog. Well, write it and they will come … I hope.

I have had the strangest feeling all day, very dream-like. It is like I am both here and not here, all at the same time. It makes me somewhat apprehensive, as if some important event were about to transp

 Schrödinger’s Cat   – 01/04/61