Another Very Occasional Lamentation about the National Political Media

Lots of craziness what with King-Burwell and HRC email story. But just going to note a couple of items from a short while back. Both ostensibly taking conservatives (Guiliani and O’Reilly) to task,  but actually stunning demonstrations of cluelessness.

1) Eric Wemple after someone explains how much Williams’ (who is in fact a prevaricating asshole) sins are worse:

Agreed. Williams appears to have laid down exaggerations and embellishments no matter the topic. O’Reilly, by contrast, appears to have an Argentina problem.

Now this was in fact before several other specific bits of BS  “came to light” (or got some coverage anyway).  But get a clue. The soft bigotry of low expectations strikes again.

2. Chris Cilliza (who apparently has a serious case of Clinton Derangement Syndrome) takes Rudy to “task” for his  black president doesn’t love America (… or me … or you) remarks. But in doing os he uncorks a howler of world historical proportions.

Making the “Obama isn’t really like you and me” argument in that setting plays into a corrosive racial narrative that Republicans have worked very hard to steer away from — and smartly so — during the Obama presidency.

So astuteness.


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